Weight Check

Weight Check

AI-powered visual weight detection system for piglets and finishing pigs

Specially designed with a self-learning algorithm, WeightCheck offers an almost accurate overview of a group of 15-25 of your finishing pigs’ average weight gain. It consists of a camera installed above the drinkers or the feeding points and the pigs are visually measured as they stand still on the platform for feeding or drinking.


  • Saves time and money, and eases the process of monitoring large farm complexes
  • Allows you to use the slaughterhouse determined narrow time slots to your advantage
  • Helps improve finishing results by allowing you to compare your data with reference curves
  • Offers long-term financial benefits with perfect slaughter weights
  • Gives early action benefit by helping recognise variations in the pigs’ weight gain trend


  • 98.5% accurate
  • Can analyse 10,000-20,000 images per day