Penning System

Penning System

Equipment that bolsters modernised ways of piglet rearing and finishing

Along with the highly advanced feeding technology, we also provide easy-to-clean and animal-friendly systems for nursery, sow, and finishing housing. You can construct any type and size of the pen using our flexible modular system, regardless of the onsite conditions and dimensions of the house. Included in our penning system are pen profiles made of PVC, stainless pen supports, posts and reinforcing posts, concrete partition ends and many kinds of locking doors.


  • Customisable height of the solid walls
  • Easy to assemble and use with very few simple parts and a single-handed locking of pen doors
  • Highly durable as the material used in the making is top-class, for example, stainless steel and rugged plastic in the animal area
  • Cost-efficient since the shipping volume is low
  • Perfect fit for all management and housing situations
  • Easy to clean single-piece surfaces and better hygienic conditions as there are no niches to dock dirt and diseases


  • Pen PVC profiles are available in blue or light grey colours