For efficient and labour conducive feed transport

Big Dutchman offers Flex-vey conveying system, which runs on a tailor- made, fine-quality spring steel spiral augers. The spirals augers lie inside a PVC tube to transfer the feed in an enclosed environment. This ensures that the feed – be it meal, pellets or crumbles – passes from the silo into the house without any compromise on hygiene and quality.  

Our Flex vey conveying system comes in variety of size to cater to your onsite feeding capacity requirements.


  • Operates with very little noise and has a great conveyancing capacity 
  • Extremely resistant to wear and tear with a longer service life compared to traditional systems 
  • Comes with the option of retrofitting 
  • Minimal risk of failure 


  • Premium quality stainless spring steel spiral auger with excellent breakage and stretch resistance properties
  • Works with light and durable PVC pipes
  • Conveying capacity range from 0.7 to 4.5 ton per hour, covering maximum system length
  • Extension of system is available with precise feedline planning