DR 1500

DR 1500

Efficient Pipe Conveying System

The DR1500 dry feeding system is a pipe feeder that forms a closed system directly from the silo delivery up to the individual feeding places. The dry feeding system is used for transporting and metering out dry feed in the form of meal or pellets. It is designed as a modular system and can be configured to be used for various management styles.


  • No need for supplementary feed augers as the feed can be taken directly from the silo 
  • Almost zero losses because of the superior conveying capacity and smooth feed transport 
  • Long service life and low-cost maintenance 
  • Separate adjustment of filling levels possible for all feeders due to the presence of a telescopic drop pipe


  • Conveying capacity of up to 1500kg/hour 
  • Can be controlled with either the BD105 feed controller or the BigFarmNet control system