Electronic sow feeding meets free access stall; the smart solution for individual sow feeding

The CallBack feeding system unites the advantages of managing sows in free-access stalls with those of an electronic sow feeding (ESF) system. Similarly to an ESF system, the sows are identified by an RFID ear tag to allow for individual feeding. All feeding data are logged automatically; deviations generate an alarm. The group size can be easily be adjusted in steps of 20 by changing the number of feeding places. Sows are often already accustomed to stalls and they quickly learn how to use the system.


  • Easy retrofitting of traditional houses
  • Smart solution for individual sow feeding in a protected space
  • Up to 20 sows share one station
  • Can be controlled centrally with the BigFarmNet Farm Management System


  • 24/7 monitoring with the BigFarmNet software and control using mobile app