DR 6500

DR 6500

High-capacity & Flexible Dry Feeding Made Easy

Whether it’s crumbles, pellets or mash, the DR 6500 is the ultimate feed conveyor by Big Dutchman for pig production. The standout feature of being able to transport high volumes of feed up to 6,500 kgs per hour makes this invaluable to producers managing a large livestock population. From the silo discharge all the way to the targeted feeding location, the DR 6500 is a robust pipe conveying system with a disc-chain based mechanism to transport and distribute large volumes of feed efficiently.

The system also works continuously and automatically when integrated to the 510 Pro Feeding computer. This enables enhanced feed handling and distribution from silos across different farms for secure and effortless feeding operation. Most importantly, the entire system is reliable, hygienic and transports feed smoothly with minimal wastage for cost efficiency.


  • High conveying capacity with flexible layout planning, especially suited for larger farms
  • Direct and uninterrupted feed transport from silo to silo with minimal wastage
  • Seamless integration to feed management software and computers
  • Proven system to ensure feed management is hygienic and adheres to biosecurity measures
  • Do away with supplementary feed augers as the feed can be taken directly from the silo
  • Versatile telescopic drop pipe enables adjustments of multiple filling levels for feeders
  • Long service life and easy, low-cost maintenance


  • Conveying capacity of up to 6,500 kg of feed per hour 
  • Flexible system length of up to a max. of 350m
  • Low operating noise level of less than 70dB (A) 
  • Durable stainless steel and corrosion resistant drive unit
  • Compact drive dimensions – 1165mm x 565mm x 504mm
  • Incline of feed conveyor up to 45°