BD Swing 17

BD Swing 17

Ideal farrowing pen for sows to flourish

The importance of farrowing pens is paramount for sows and piglets in their early days. To help them stay healthy, Big Dutchman has several unique products to its name, one of which is the BD Swing. BD Swing is the ideal crate for a complete farrowing penning solution to reduce labour time, increase piglet liveability and sow comfort. 


  • Intelligent design by Big Dutchman; can be adjusted in length and width
  • Suitable for sows of all sizes
  • With piglets crush-protection while also assures comfort of sow
  • High quality plastic slat provides piglets with a hygienic and animal friendly environment
  • Specially shaped cast iron slat provides stability for sow movements and protection for sow’s teats
  • Comfortable heating with hot water, electric heat pads or heat lamps for piglets


  • The arrangement of crates can be either diagonal or straight, based on the housing concept.
  • One crate side width and the door can be adjusted to lengthen crate
  • One crate side swings open allowing for a stress free entry and exit of sow