DryExact Pro

DryExact Pro

Weight-based, Mixed-Feed Dispenser

The DryExact dry feeding system is a computer-controlled tube feeder that forms a closed system directly from the silo delivery up to the individual feeding places. Used together with a dry feed mixer, this computer-controlled system is able to prepare, transport and dispense individualised feed mixture, enabling multi-phase feeding at each valve. 

This dry feeding system is used to transport and meter out feed in form of meal or pellets, using weight-depending feed valves. It is designed as a modular system and can therefore be used for the following management types: 

Sow management:
• Supplies the CallMatic 3 feeding-on-demand system for feeding pregnant sows in groups
• Simultaneous feeding of pregnant sows in group management piglet rearing and finishing
• Supplies all types of automatic feeders


  • Saves feed costs as every feed valve allows for multi-phase feeding to feed pigs based on their age 
  • Individual feed mix for each valve 
  • Automatic recording of feed per pen or per room


  • Up to 12 restrictive circuits
  • Up to 12 ad libitum circuits per restrictive circuit
  • Up to 1000 feed valves (up to 200 per circuit)
  • Up to 32 silos
  • Up to 150 feeding times
  • Up to 30 small quantity dosing devices (e.g. for medicines or minerals)
  • Up to 50 volume dispenser releases
  • Up to 8 eating timetables