Cloud-based Digital Farm Management for Maximum Efficiency

BFN Fusion is a game-changing software platform that helps you achieve maximum efficiency on your farming business. It bundles all the data generated by all your farms and adds relevant value to your production.

This software platform is a cloud-based solution that sets new standards for the entire industry. BFN Fusion is especially useful for companies with multiple farms at different locations, effectively enabling you to manage your farms from anywhere in the world.


  • Farm data at your fingertips with unified overview of all farms operation in realtime
  • Efficient, smoother operations without human error and reduced staff workload
  • Proactive management with AI predictive and early identification of production risks
  • Seamless integration that lower costs, increase efficiency, achieve predictable success
  • Complete and secure documentation of production results
  • Full control and maximum security at all times

Production made more efficient, profitable and sustainable

Experience significant added value for your entire value chain

The system provides standardised data from all production phases and integration of feed mills, slaughterhouses, hatcheries, feed silos and more. It allows you to manage all data centrally, including those from your ERP system.

You can quickly and securely access all production-relevant information comprehensively on a single innovative cloud platform. You will be able to monitor the entire value chain without gaps, make better in-moment decisions, which allows for data-based optimisation of your production to improve results.

BFN Fusion also facilitates the documentation of all production processes, stores historic results, indicates potential for optimisation – all to make your business more sustainable and profitable.

Everything that matters, at a glance

Valuable knowledge through intuitive insights

As a cloud-based solution, you can access BFN Fusion from anywhere in the world and with any device: your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC.

The user interface is easy to understand and intuitive to use, allowing you to create an overview of all information that is important for your daily tasks.

Growing with your business 

Truly scalable cloud-based system

As the entire system runs on an advanced cloud-based digital system, BFN Fusion is a flexible platform that can easily adapt to your business‘ growing needs. 

Furthermore, the system itself is being continually enhanced with improvement updates and additional modules, all of which can be easily downloaded and synced to your operations. BFN Fusion is a systems that learns and grows with your farm data, ensuring precise management now and the ability to meet industry challenges in the future.

Different BFN Fusion modules, one goal

At a glance performance data for predictable business development

BFN Fusion provides you with the full overview and control of your production chain, at all locations and in real time. There is a specific application module for every aspect of your business. Over time, more modules will be added, in line with egg production, poultry growing, and pig production needs.


OrbitX IoT Gateway

Connecting all your farms reliably 

OrbitX connects all your farms –  regardless of which brand of equipment they use – in an easy, secure and reliable way by transferring all production and climate data to the cloud. OrbitX provides a truly unified and consistent way of collecting your automatic production data and manual inputs onto one platform. 

For the first time, you will be able to receive a full, detailed overview of all your farms for an optimized value chain in your organization. 


  • Connects all your farms to give you an unified overview of all data 
  • Easy to install and does not interfere with existing controllers and equipment 
  • Connect wirelessly with 4G
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) security and functionality updates