307pro & 310pro Climate Control

307<em>pro</em> & 310<em>pro</em> Climate Control

The latest generation of computers to look after your pig house

The 307pro and 310pro computers that were earlier climate computers have now been upgraded to work as production computers also. With the up-gradation, you can now control anything related to the production process using the two computers.

They use the most modern methods to control the climate of your barn and regulate its temperature consistently and regularly per the required level. The computers use a uniquely novel method: the principle of adaptive climate control to constantly control and adapt to the present barn situation based on a new self-learning function.


  • Provide an umbrella climate and production solution for all kinds of pig housing, including nurseries, pig houses, boar and sow houses
  • Have a simple operative procedure based on software that is simple to use and icons that are easy to understand
  • Extremely fast quad-core processor in the 310pro
  • They come with simple alarm management and customisable home screen
  • Allow you to use either a PC or the BigFarmNet application to connect with the BigFarmNet Manager software


  • Two touch screen size options: 7-inch and 10-inch
  • Over 30 languages supported