RainMaker II

RainMaker II

A dynamic centralised cooling system

Based on the principle of evaporation, the RainMaker cooling system is largely effective in regions having hot and dry summers. The cooling effect is directly proportional to the temperature and inversely proportional to the relative humidity. It is a centralised system that comes with a pad retainer, top profile, and water reservoir.

In addition to the traditional cellulose pads, Big Dutchman also recommends the use of plastic pads because they come with a comparatively long service life and can be cleaned using a high-pressure cleaner.


  • Provides efficient and qualitative in-house cooling
  • Improved visibility of the water supply with an open-top profile design to enable monitoring of nesting activity by rodents and other pests  
  • Serves for a significantly longer period when plastic pads are used


  • A water reservoir comes integrated with the frame system, hence, there’s no need for an additional water tank