CL 1540

CL 1540

Fresh air inlet for installation in a ceiling below attic

The CL 1540 ceiling inlet is made of a recyclable, shock-proof, non-deformable and UV-stabilised plastic material. Ideally installed into a ceiling that has been insulated, the CL 1540 is designed to close reliably even with a ceiling inclination of up to 15 degrees due to rust-proof steel springs that keep the insulated inlet flap closed. 

Fresh air enters the barn through the attic, which makes it necessary for the roof to be insulated, preventing heat build-up in hotter climates. The inlet flap opens through downward pull, which allows control of the amount of incoming air. The air always flows along the ceiling - which should be as barrier-free as possible - whether the inlet is opened fully or only slightly. With the corresponding control set, the ceiling inlets are either opened all at once or individually.


  • Ideal supply of fresh air from the attic with negative pressure ventilation
  • Very versatile and long service life
  • Advanced inlet control creates stable air jets, especially with minimum ventilation
  • Strong tension springs close the insulated inlet flap so the barn is absolutely airtight
  • Exact control of the inlet opening thanks to tension springs: stable air circulation all the way to the centre of the barn uniform temperatures while heating requirements remain low
  • Operation is practically maintenance free
  • High-pressure cleaner can be used without any concern


  • Because the air “sticks” to the ceiling, the negative pressure required even for large throwing ranges is low
  • Inlet flap is shaped like a large shovel; flaps can be opened further than the standard 100% position (parallel to the floor)