CL 1200 and CL 1911 F series

CL 1200 and CL 1911 F series

Inlets with the greatest range

These wall-inlets have satisfied the need of our customers for decades. Durability is ensured as these inlets are made with recyclable, non-deformable, UV-stabilised, and shock-proof plastic material. Since one can open the inlet flap with a downward pull, the opening of the inlet in each season is precisely regulated.

The fresh air inlets are opened either all at once or individually by the corresponding control set. We have a patented advanced inlet control mechanism (except for inlets type B/F) that helps pre-define the order of individual inlet opening using a single action at each inlet.


  • They supply fresh air perfectly without any negative pressure ventilation
  • The systems create stable air jets using advanced inlet control, specifically when there is minimum ventilation
  • These inlets keep the barn totally airtight since the non-deformable and insulated inlet flap is closed by solid tension springs
  • They control the inlet opening with precision with the help of strong tension springs. It leads to a stable circulation of air right to the centre of the barn while maintaining consistent temperatures throughout the barn without letting the heat requirements to augment
  • Inlets have a long service life thanks to the high-quality materials used in their manufacturing
  • They have a very versatile application
  • Easy to clean with a high-pressure cleaner without any issues


  • Rustproof steel springs are used (except for inlets type B/F) to keep the insulated inlet flap in a closed position to ensure that the building remains airtight
  • The following effective, useful, and sometimes indispensable accessories for the wall inlets can be used:
    • Protective grid against birds: It helps in stopping birds and other small animals from entering the barn through the inlet
    • Air deflector: It helps in individually adjusting the air flow’s direction for every building, just by changing the angle between the wall and the deflector
    • Intake Nozzle: It ensures highly stable air jets even when the inlet opening is small by significantly reducing the turbulence during the flow of air into the inlet
    • Fly protection: For the CL 1200 series, Big Dutchman has developed the fine-meshed fly screen to stop the entry of flies and other insects into the barn and thereby reduce pathogen transmission through the incoming fresh air