AirMaster Flex 140C

AirMaster Flex 140C

Cone type fan with advanced aerodynamics

Combining the best of two worlds, the AirMaster Flex 140C is equipped with a V-belt driven, high-quality and efficient IE3 motor, which is suited to any type of power supply.

The aerodynamic design of the intake nozzle is a key feature, which helps to remove exhaust air from the house without any turbulence, directly leading to high air performance and low power consumption.

Durability and a long service comes standard with the housing and cone being made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant plastic material. The entire unit is also absolutely airtight, making it suitable for use in colder weather.


  • Superior air performance that is resistant to pressure
  • Low noise level
  • Quality build with polypropylene and stainless steel
  • Excellent price to performance ratio


  • Cone diameter of 1750mm
  • Efficient IE3 motor for any type of power supply
  • Well insulated and airtight