AirMaster Blue 140C

AirMaster Blue 140C

Next generation fan series

The AirMaster Blue series of fans combines ingenious technology and advanced engineering to provide efficient ventilation like never before. These fans feature a directly driven, stepless variable motor couple with the Dynamic MultiStep exhaust principle to provide the most energy efficient ventilation solution.

The AirMaster Blue 140C features outstanding air performance with high resistance to pressure. Its aerodynamic design ensures smoother, low noise air flow while a tough construction results in superior durability and ease of maintenance.


  • Superior air performance with minimum energy consumption
  • Low noise level
  • Directly driven, with a stable connection between hub and blade
  • Optimal performance with a motorised shutter that closes airtight
  • Long service life as a result of high-quality build using polypropylene and stainless steel


  • Cone diameter of 1750mm
  • Protection rating of IP 65
  • High resistance to pressure up to 100 Pa