CombiTunnel Ventilation

CombiTunnel Ventilation

Maintains the ideal climate in your pig house 24x7

Over the years, the CombiTunnel ventilation system developed by Big Dutchman has consistently shown its efficacy. Regardless of your pig farm’s location on the map, it ensures perfect climate conditions for pigs and secures your production process.


  • Ideal for all climate zones since it covers an extensive temperature range
  • Keeps the animals healthy, ensures high performances, maintains a low mortality rate, and ensures good feed conversion thanks to its ability to maintain optimal temperatures in the barn throughout the year
  • Can create the windchill effect at the animal level by operating the tunnel mode at high air speeds when the outside temperatures are high
  • Maintains even temperatures in the barn by precisely regulating the low airflow rate in the side mode when the outdoor temperatures are low
  • A smooth transition from tunnel mode to side mode and vice versa is possible with the help of the 307pro/310pro climate computers


CombiTunnel is a combination of two different ventilation systems:

  • Tunnel Mode: It is automatically activated when the temperature outside is high, and with its technological prowess, it maintains an excellent cooling effect inside without consuming much energy
  • Side Mode: When the outside temperature is low, the side mode gets activated. It maintains a consistent ambient temperature across the barn as the fresh air intake happens through several evenly spaced inlets