All Attic

All Attic

Robust cross-cooling ventilation system for consistent fresh air flow

All-Attic is a ventilation system that uses the more natural cross-cooling concept especially for narrow houses. Commonly used in farrowing and nursery compartments, the system uses a combination of 3 core Big Dutchman equipment, along with smart building design to deliver consistently cool fresh air in hot and humid climates.

Air Intake
Fresh air flows into one side of the house and cooled using the RainMaker evaporative cooling pads.

Air Delivery
The fresh, cooled air flows into the building aisle and guided up a specially designed attic. The air is then delivered into the house in a controlled manner using Big Dutchman’s single and double or CL1540 ceiling inlets installed in the ceiling.

Air Extraction
On the other side of the building, the exhaust fans that are installed on the side wall keep the air moving for optimum ventilation and cooling effect.

The All-Attic ventilation system is very much suited in housing layouts where customers are most concerned about the air distribution. Combined with an optimal building structure, the All-Attic system does provide ideal kick-start conditions for further growth of the pigs.


  • Uses proven and robust Big Dutchman equipment that offer exceptional performance over a long period of time
  • The cooling pads, air inlets and exhaust fans are all easy to clean, operate and  maintain
  • Flexibility in the choice of air inlets and exhaust fans to be used depending on the region of installation



  • Centralised system that comes with a pad retainer, top profile and water reservoir|
  • Long service life and easy maintenance as can be cleaned by a high-pressure cleaner
  • No requirement for an additional water tank

Axial fans FC/FF/FN & CL 600 & CL 820

  • Aerodynamic design with efficient air extraction
  • Click system and screw installation, without the need of adhesives
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Pipe diameter of 600mm (CL 600) and 820mm (CL 820)
  • Speed controlled (Multistep & dynamic Multistep) and available in 1Ph & 3Ph

CL1540 & Single/Double ceiling inlet 

  • Works efficiently even in minimum ventilation conditions
  • Precise opening and closing of inlet flap to meet ventilation demands
  • Made with recyclable, non-deformable, UV-sterilised and shock-proof plastic materials