Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning for Drinking Systems

Ultrasonic Cleaning of drinking lines is the most sustainable solution to maintain a high level of hygiene in your drinking system for healthy and disease-free livestock – all without the use of chemicals. 

The system’s patented ultrasonic technology creates sound wave vibrations that effectively remove particles and prevent microorganisms from forming a bio film layer. These ultrasonic vibrations cover a very long distances, making them suitable for any type of livestock drinking system. 

Sound waves spread through water to reach every gap and corner that mechanical cleaning normally wouldn’t reach. The sound waves do not affect water additives, which makes it safe to use even when the drinking line is used to administer vaccines or medications. 

The Ultrasonic Cleaning System is ideally used with our automated flushing system, a combo that lowers the risk of blockages from loosened particles and dissolved deposits.


  • Automated continuous cleaning - effectively remove and prevent attachment of biofilm 
  • Comprehensive coverage that reaches every corner and gap for exceptional hygiene
  • Suitable for all water and other liquid nutrient transportation lines
  • Reduces the need for chemicals and antibiotics
  • Lower mortality rates, Improved animal health and well being
  • Cost saving with a low initial investment, very low energy consumption and improved animal wellbeing that directly increases revenue 
  • Does not result in drinking line material damage even after prolonged use


  • Safety-tested and patented HS ultrasonic technology
  • Very gentle ultrasonic cavitation compared to other systems 
  • Plug and play system that is easy to operate and maintain