The air scrubber for effective reduction of emissions from pig housing

Developed based on a modular design, the Porcus air scrubber can sustainably reduce emissions from pig housing so that you can continue your pig production successfully for the long term. The customer must provide a pressure corridor, which connects the Porcus air scrubber with the barn. Fans press the exhaust air into this corridor and then into the scrubber itself, where the exhaust air is cleaned of dust, ammonia and odours.

Designed to match the scrubber’s capacity, a technical room comes with the air scrubber and is pre-installed by the manufacturer. The arrangement of the pH value sensor, the conductivity sensor, the meters for measuring fresh water and desludge water quantities, pumps, piping and the control box allows for a good overview, which also makes maintenance easier.

Porcus comes in two versions - biological version and chemical version. The biological version helps to reduce odour emissions, and removes ammonia and dust, while the chemical version requires the use of sulfuric acid, which will lower the pH value and then bind the nitrogen as ammonium sulfate. The chemical version requires less process water, but it must be stored separately.


  • Uses proven air scrubbing technology
  • Individual planning with an expert is provided
  • Easy-to-plan assembly times with low installation requirements
  • Supplied as a complete unit that is ready to be connected
  • Permanent high separation rates
  • Single-part plastic housing for reliable and long-term use
  • Easy handling
  • Highly functional and reliable
  • Fully automatic process control
  • Cost-efficient operation
  • Well-suited for retrofitting


  • Available in different sizes for any barn and also in 40-foot containers.
  • Modular design - length x 2.40 m x 2.10 m.
  • Separation rates for biological scrubber:
    • Ammonia > 70 %
    • Dust 60 %
    • Odours 45 % to 70 %
  • Separation rates for chemical scrubber:
    • Ammonia 70 % to 90 %
    • Dust 35 %
    • Odours 30 %