UNIVENT-Starter 680-plus

UNIVENT-Starter 680-plus

The new generation pullet rearing system with increased height for enhanced ventilation and bird welfare

Evolved from one of Big Dutchman’s true bestseller, UNIVENT-Starter 680-plus provides excellent rearing results with improved quality and durability. A 40mm increase in compartment height allows for much better air exchange in all tiers of the system, which ensures pullet uniformity and improves bird welfare.

UNIVENT-Starter 680-plus consists of two separate tiers to satisfy the differing needs of day-old chick and pullets – both in the start tier and the grow tier. This proven rearing system is now also enhanced for added durability with OptiCoat on all wire and sheet metal parts, providing three to four times better corrosion protection compared to galvanised materials.


  • A technically mature system with modular design that allows for flexible arrangements of start and grow tiers
  • Stable design with trouble-free assembly from three to eight tiers featuring easy plug connections for reduced installation time
  • Very low mortality rate of less than 2% during rearing due to improved ventilation and better water intake by the birds
  • Lower risk of injury to the birds as the footrail is made of plastic with no sharp edges or wire ends
  • Minimal feed wastage as feed trough is designed with an inward rim and mounted on supports for added stability
  • Easy adjustment of nipple drinkers as it is centrally located in the feeding end for efficient operation
  • Easy to open sections for efficient bird move-in and -out, as well as for thorough cleaning


  • OptiCoat technology for enhanced corrosion protection
  • Magnetic locks for secure and swift closing
  • Available with or without manure belt ventilation