UNIVENT-Starter 680

UNIVENT-Starter 680

The professional manure belt system for successful pullet rearing

The UNIVENT Starter 680 rearing system consists of two different tiers to satisfy the differing needs of both day-old chicks and pullets the start tier and the grow tier. The system is available with and without manure belt ventilation, to meet the specific requirements of your operations.

The quality and uniformity of pullets are crucial factors that contributes significantly to laying performance later on. Important prerequisites for successful pullet rearing include:   

  • Uniform and rapid feed distribution 
  • A hygienic supply of sufficient drinking water 
  • Wire partitions for improved bird inspection 
  • The reduction of ammonia emissions


  • Easy-to-use and well-thought-out system

  • Allows flexible arrangement of start and grow tiers due to the modular design 

  • Ensures remarkably low mortality during rearing (often below two per cent)

  • Minimises feed wastage by using a feed trough with an inward rim

  • Increases stability of feed troughs by mounting them on supports

  • Easy to assemble and highly resistant to corrosion
  • Offers high functional reliability


  • Consists of two different tiers - start tier and grow tier 

  • Three to eight tiers

  • Available with and without manure belt ventilation