Automatic Manure Belt Adjustment – ensures straight running of the belts during manure removal

Regular manure removal in poultry houses reduces ammonia emissions and thus contributes to an improved house climate and better birds’ health. However, it used to be a tricky affair. Manure belts had to be constantly monitored during operation, sometimes requiring adjustment by experienced staff. Therefore, manure was not removed as often as it should.

AMBA is a smart solution that saves time and ensures the smooth running of the belts. The system enables manure to be removed more often and with more ease. Light sensors positioned to the right and to the left of the manure belt in the drive monitor how the belts run. If a belt does not run straight, the sensors transmit a signal to the AMBA motor. The motor automatically adjusts the belt to stop it from deviating.


  • Ensures high process reliability with self-regulating, straight running of the belts during manure removal
  • Requires fewer workers to operate and less monitoring compared to other manure removal systems in the market
  • It saves much time as manual adjustment of the belts is no longer required
  • Ensures longer service life of the entire manure belt drive


  • The bus-compatible motor can communicate with the farm computer, such as amacs
  • Automatic detection of the load on the manure belt indicates when manure must be removed
  • It can be retrofitted for all BD manure belt drives around the world, thanks to a multi-range power unit (90–277 VAC)