A safe and efficient cage system

Big Dutchman’s UNIVENT 788, under its UNIVENT series of cages, is a unique and powerful system having all the necessary features ranging from easy management, spaciousness and simple operation among others. 

The latest in the UNIVENT series, UNIVENT 788, system provides more safety and efficiency. This cage system is easy to assemble and provides an ideal environment for bird comfort and maximum egg production. Moreover, it is more reliable, durable, and corrosion resistant.


  • Offers a vast bird capacity
  • Efficient, automated manure removal
  • Ensures a safe and healthy environment for animals
  • Allows easy bird movement since it has a height similar to fully enriched systems
  • Provides uniform feed ration to birds using the Champion chain-feeding system


  • Available in 2 to 12 tier configurations
  • It has a 4.5” wide egg belt
  • The cage consists of 4 drinker nipples
  • Its section length is 116.9” having 8 cages per tier