Profit Tier B-Plus

Profit Tier B-Plus

A dynamic cage system

Big Dutchman’s Profit Tier B-Plus is an efficient cage system that offers several improvements over its previous version. It is extremely stable and comes with Big Dutchman’s proven truss-rod suspension. The system has a unique foot design and combined leg stands that improve its strength and longevity. These cages are highly durable and efficient since they are made with galfan.

The cage’s tiers are put up in a manner ensuring the upper tier’s manure falls partly into the manure pit through the manure foils. The feed supply is available in two ways, chain feeding or a feed cart including downpipes. Whether it is egg supply, manure removal, or water supply, the Profit Tier B-Plus comes out as a winner.


  • Provides a stoppable feeding trough
  • Offers sliding front doors for easy accessibility
  • Ensures smooth airflow in open sided houses
  • Comes with a unique suspension system that ensures optimum strength and stability
  • Helps make the cage, feeding, and egg collections systems more durable
  • Cost effective and easy to manage 
  • Provides good overview and easy bird control
  • Illuminates all tiers uniformly
  • Delivers a simple manure removal process using staggered tiers


  • Four-tier cage designs
  • It has a minimum cage depth of 20” and width of 24”
  • Comes equipped with a chain feeding or feed cart