The animal-friendly aviary system for egg production with a large usable area

NATURA Step XL is a new cage-free system based on the benefits of the NATURA Step aviary, which is used very successfully worldwide. Its animal-friendly design is well-suited for successful egg production.

Featuring a functional structure that is easy to understand, the system prioritises the welfare of the birds, while maintaining functionality and efficiency at the same time. The birds lay their eggs under hygienic conditions in a well-designed nest.

NATURA Step XL is a flexible and adaptable system, that can be used for both traditional and organic egg production. The versatile system is suitable for barn and free-range egg production, as well as large and smaller houses.


  • All 3 levels of the systems, including the integrated nest level, are easy to reach by the hens as a result of a stepped design in tiers of different widths
  • Nest inspection made simple as the aviary is easily accessible to both the birds and the staff
  • Nest acceptance is markedly increased as nipple drinkers are placed directly in front of the nest
  • Improved protection against dust for the eggs as the nest’s back wall and egg channel cover from a unit
  • The required nest surface area can be adjusted to meet the stocking density by combining sections with nest and sections with passage.
  • Thorough cleaning of the nest is possible with easy removal of the back wall at the nest’s entrance
  • Mislaid system eggs can be collected automatically (optional).
  • The design provides a very large usable area, optimising the usage of the house surface.
  • The entire house floor surface can be used as a scratching area.
  • Improved hygiene with reduced ammonia content in the air as most of the manure is transported out of the house using two manure belts
  • The aviary is fully functional even as single row.


  • The standard height under the system is 500 mm. 650 mm is possible as an option.
  • The separate nest level has two divided nest rows, either with the integrated Colony 2+ nest or the 8 cm deeper HD version.
  • The standard version comes with four feed lines, which can be increased to six as an option.
  • Five additional perches for the top tier can be supplied optionally.
  • A version with extra large air duct is optionally available.