Compact Layer C-L639

Compact Layer C-L639

New house concept for long-term manure storage

Developed specifically for deep-pit layer houses, the C-L639 is a unique manure scraper system that combines the advantages of a vertical belt system with the convenience of long-term storage. Although the manure remains in the deep pit for a long period, clever ventilation system helps to dissipate ammonia emissions significantly, hardly affecting the comfort of the birds while optimising the use of existing house space.


  • Promotes a hygienic environment that leads to high laying performance
  • Superior performance in ammonia emission reduction with double ventilation both in the barn and the deep pit
  • Existing barn space is optimised effectively, avoiding the need for additional conveyor belts and manure storehouse


  • Zinc-aluminium coating on all wire parts for protection against corrosion 
  • Deep feed trough with inner rim to minimise losses 
  • Built-up of up to 6 tiers without catwalk