Feed Cart FC-V

Feed Cart FC-V

The trendsetting feed cart with V-trough for even and reliable feed supply

The FC-V feeding system is suitable for all cage systems of up to ten tiers, with catwalk availability. Featuring a pulled feed cart in combination with a V-shaped trough, it is a very cost-efficient and energy saving system, because it only requires one motor for up to six tiers. Feed wastage is virtually eliminated with this system, as hens will receive a reliable supply of feed based on their needs.


  • Very cost-efficient and energy saving system
  • Easy to handle with low maintenance requirements
  • Very quiet and smooth running of the feed cart
  • Accurate feed dispensing, especially suitable for small quantities, due to the V-shaped trough
  • Ensures automatic alignment with the trough for perfect dosing results
  • High functional reliability, as the sliding surfaces in the trough are made of plastic
  • Ensures adequate feed is dispensed in both running directions of the cart
  • Fast installation due to modular design


  • Suitable for all cage systems:
    • Up to 6 tiers without catwalk
    • Up to 10 tiers with catwalk
  • Only one 0.18 kW gear motor is required for up to six tiers without catwalk