Nipple Drinkers

Nipple Drinkers

Hygienic supply of drinking water

To maintain optimum performance from your poultry, fresh and clean drinking water is a necessity. Fresh water must be readily available, free from contamination and easily reachable for the birds. Nipple drinkers from Big Dutchman is a simple yet robust product with in- built features that ensure constant and consistent supply of fresh water for the birds.


  • Reliable and hygienic solution for the supply of water
  • The design prevents spillage and leakage
  • Easily accessible and constant supply of clean, fresh water for poultry
  • Clean water always with an in-built rinsing system in the central supply line for up to 120 m


  • Pressure regulator with rinsing system and indicator for water column height – side supply for a line length of up to 60 m
  • Swiveling aeration unit with an indicator for water column height
  • Automatic rinsing aeration unit
  • Slope regulator – evens out a 10 to 15 cm incline
  • Aeration nozzle with valve – under normal operation, the valve is open to allow the air to escape
  • Circular tube with anti-roost wire
  • Aluminium profile with double antiroost wire
  • 22 mm nipple tube with SaniStar®
  • Top Nipple orange with drip cup
  • Top Nipple with drip cup
  • Suspension system