EUROVENT-Parents EV-P 1250

EUROVENT-Parents EV-P 1250

Modern Manure Belt System for Layer Breeders

Featuring high stocking density and minimum labour requirements, the EUROVENT-Parents EV-P 1250 is a system that ensures clean hatching eggs.

The system also promotes calmness within the flock by ensuring males in different groups remain separated. A distinct feature is also the reinforced perch for male breeders positioned in the centre of compartments, providing additional roam-around space.


  • Longer service life with corrosion-resistant meshes, wires and cage fronts coated with zinc-aluminium
  • Able to house the optimum number of birds while ensuring healthy and vigorous males and females
  • High efficiency with automation in feed, water supply, egg collection and manure removal
  • Flies-free environment with clean hatching eggs and low risk of salmonella
  • Uniformly high laying performance with good feed conversion and low mortality rate
  • Very low ammonia emissions to keep in-house environment as safe as possible
  • Optional manure belt ventilation that produces up to 60% dry manure suited for convenient storage and easy spread-out


  • Standard compartments are 1250mm wide and 2412mm in length and can be extended in steps of 60cm to determine the flock size.