Silo Weighing

Silo Weighing

Accurate in-silo feed weighing

Accurately monitor your feed inventory with Big Dutchman’s simple to use silo weighing system. Conveniently installed under the silo, the weighing device continuously monitors and displays feed levels on an easy-to-read display. This ensures you will never run out of feed for your animal, while being able to determine accurate bulking of feed delivery to your silo for smoother operations.

A safer environment for your workers is also an added advantage, as they do not need to climb the silo to check on the feed levels. There are multiple variations of the silo weighing system based on your requirements and farm management style, including:

  • As a standalone system
  • Integrated with ViperTouch and BigFarmNet for a smarter farming automation
  • Easy retrofit version for existing farm silo without using a crane
  • Pre-calibrated version without on-site calibration for fuss-free operation

Smarter farming with connected Silo

By integrating silo weighing with our ViperTouch computer, it also allows the system to cleverly manage and measure the transportation of feed. This ensures large amounts of feed can be distributed quickly, direct from the silo to the hopper in the house.

Our latest ViperTouch innovation also enables simultaneous loading and feeding without affecting feed consumption registration, which allows for monitoring of feed intake to help maintain optimum animal health.

The next step of true smart farming is to connect all your silos with BigFarmNet and Fusion Cloud services. This enhances your entire value chain by having a complete overview of feed usage trends and feed reordering estimations for all your silos, virtually from anywhere at any time. You can even integrate your silo information with your feed mills for better optimisation of feed production and logistics management.


  • Allows accurate monitoring of feed inventory
  • Monitor and registering of animal feed consumption
  • Reporting and controlled delivery of feed
  • Estimate feed usage and when silo will be empty
  • Integration with feed mill for better production & delivery planning
  • Automatic ordering of feed


  • One load cell per silo leg, 1-8 load cells per silo
  • Available in 3,5 or 10 ton versions
  • Fixture adapter for silo with sheet metal or round tube leg
  • Self-lifting bracket for easy retrofitting without requiring a crane
  • Pre-calibrated version for fuss-free operation
  • Clear and easy to read display
  • Connected smart silo for remote data collection