Triple EEE

Triple EEE

Smart farming solution for efficient heat recovery

Triple EEE is a plug-and-play system for heat recovery, which recovers energy from the process water from the air washer. This energy is then used to preheat the incoming air during the winter period. EEE stands for Energy, Efficiency and Economy.

Another goal of the Triple EEE system is to improve the air quality in    the house. Because more energy is introduced into the barn in the form of optimal air temperature, more ventilation can be used and the relative humidity, CO2 concentration and other harmful substances are reduced.


  • Improves the air quality in the house
  • Optimises house climate to improve the health of the animals:
    • Healthier lungs, because better ventilation removes more harmful gases
    • Less chance of illnesses because fewer germs are present at a lower humidity 
    • Better intestinal health because an optimal or warmer environment stimulates the circulation in the intestines. In cold stables, blood is mainly pumped to important organs such as the heart, lungs and brain
  • Recovers energy from the process water from the air washer
  • Uses the recovered energy to preheat the incoming air during the winter period
  • Quick and easy installation - just plug and play


  • Plate heat exchanger – forms the separation between dirty process water and clean water on the secondary side of the plate exchanger and transfers the energy from the process water to the clean water that is transported to the air inlets to preheat the incoming air.
  • Backflush – allows the user to flush the plate heat exchanger
  • Primary pump – from the air washer via the filter to the heat exchanger, back to the air washer
  • Filter – guarantees that the heat recovery system cannot become contaminated.
  • Secondary pump – extracts energy from the plate heat exchanger, pumps the energy to the (inlet) heat exchanger(s)
  • Expansion vessel – processes excess water volume caused by temperature fluctuations.