Roller Curtain

Roller Curtain

Efficient, cost-effective closing system

Roller curtains are an excellent alternative to close tunnel doors airtight. They fit closely to the tunnel opening because of the negative pressure in the barn. Since roller curtains are not insulated, they are primarily used in regions without frost, or as a closing system for winter gardens. Rodents cannot get into the roller curtain because of the winding system, and the curtain remains clean. Big Dutchman offers two winding systems - one that opens from the top, and another that opens from the bottom.

Opening from the top

We recommend this system especially if the tunnel door should not open fully from the start. The cooler fresh air will enter the barn at the top first with this system, without reaching the birds. There is no stress on the curtain, thanks to the compensation mechanism of the telescopic coupling. Re-adjustments are not necessary.

Opening from the bottom

With this system, the roller tube is not loaded with weight, thanks to the special winch motor. This guarantees a reliable winding process and thus preserves the fabric. Winding systems that open from the bottom are available with a fixed drive or a climbing drive. In the case of very high curtains, this allows foregoing a long telescopic tube.