Basket Fan

Basket Fan

A great system offering optimal air circulation

Our climate system range includes a wide variety of energy-efficient circulation fans for industrial, agricultural, and horticultural markets, thanks to the extensive program of Multifan Basket Fans. 

These fans cover more area when compared to their contemporaries, which helps create a uniform indoor climate or a wind chill effect during hot summers for livestock and employees. In the context of their industrial applications, Basket fans cool products faster and thereby, increase efficiency of the production line.


  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Offers the most powerful air distribution and circulation
  • Provides ease of management at low operational costs
  • Covers a wider area


  • Offers high throw of up to 142 meters
  • High air movement of up to 46.300 m3/h at 0 Pa
  • Can be controlled via frequency and transformer
  • Basket fans of 50, 63, 71, and 92 cm can use CE wire guards.
  • Highly efficient up to 15.7 Watt /1000 m3/h
  • Comes with a water and dust resistant IP55 motor