Fogging Cooler

Fogging Cooler

Optimal cooling and humidifying system for poultry houses

Big Dutchman’s fogging cooler is the best when it comes to maintaining a consistent temperature in the poultry houses. It perfectly humidifies and cools, and hence attains an ideal house environment and animal welfare with ease. Water is atomised into a micron aerosol fog using special high-pressure nozzles. The fog is then absorbed by the warm air immediately, resulting in an increase in humidity and the dissipation of existing heat energy of the house via evaporation. Consequently, within minutes, the temperature falls down.


  • Offers uniform performance and efficient cooling
  • Can resist heat stress during peak summers
  • Humidifies air consistently and thus enhances animal welfare
  • Reduces the chances of respiratory diseases by keeping dust at bay
  • Highly resistant to diseases as it distributes disinfectants and aromatics across the barn
  • Keeps the litter and house floor dry by consuming less water
  • Precisely maintains ideal temperatures using MC 34 H or MC 36 A climate computers


  • It is used for soaking before being used for a deep cleaning
  • The system is controlled using a climate computer
  • Its main components include a Nozzle, High-pressure pump, Filter unit, and a controlling mechanism
  • To employ the system in your house, only a water pipe and electricity supply are needed