OptiPress 400 and 780

OptiPress 400 and 780

Liquid-solid separators that you can rely upon

Supplied as mobile units, OptiPress 400 and 780 are Big Dutchman’s highly efficient screw press separators. They don’t wear off easily and feature superior quality materials ensuring a long service life.

They are incredibly reliable and quick when it comes to separating solids from the substrates. The dry matter in the separated solids can be processed further or put to use as a spreadable and vital fertiliser having low odour releases.

The dry matter content of the liquid proportion is reduced by half in comparison to the input material. It can then be used on the field as a valuable liquid fertiliser comprising of the required nutrient components. Since homogenisation is not necessary, storing them is also an easy task.


  • Efficient in terms of cost and energy
  • They don’t require large spaces thanks to their compact design
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance without needing to detach the press head
  • Offer ease of transportation to the desired location