The efficient and cost-effective dust filter

StuffNix is a dust filter designed by Big Dutchman for use in poultry houses with high dust loads. It consists of a patented filter bank containing a folded plastic element which forces the air flowing through to suddenly change direction. By means of this simple but effective mechanical principle of centrifugal force, the dust particles are separated from the air flow, and then  accumulate in the V-shaped sedimentation chambers outside of the airflow. 

This way, the cleaned air can flow without obstructions even though the filter fills up with dust particles. Professional measurements have determined a total dust separation of up to 70 percent.


  • V-shaped sedimentation chambers outside the air flow allows for high storage ability
  • Stable flow
  • Stable filters due to their design
  • Long lasting plastic filters
  • Quick assembly
  • As StuffNix is a dry filter, hence water is not necessary
  • Low investment, operating and maintenance costs