Air Scrubber for CompoTower

Air Scrubber for CompoTower

An efficient air scrubbing module to clean exhaust air from composting tower

Developed for Big Dutchman’s CompoTower composting concept, the CompoTower Air Scrubber module is a prerequisite for locations having high emissions due to the composting processes. Prefabricated in a plastic housing, the scrubber’s well-dimensioned body ensures the cleaning of exhaust air from two CompoTower systems using a single module. It is fitted with a technical room, acid container, acid pump, safety provisions, and an emergency shower. All the technical parts are mounted in the technical room.

Two air inlets make way for exhaust air into our CompoTower AirScrubber system. The contaminants dust, ammonia, odour components, and particulate matter get treated by the process water, which is recirculated till a certain pollution level. The process water's pH level and conductivity are measured and regulated automatically.


  • Quick and easy on-site placement with a technical room fitted to its side
  • Automatic system
  • Modular and plug-and-play system
  • Minimal footprint
  • Cleans two Big Dutchman CompoTower by a single module
  • Reduces carbon emission