Now Certified: SIRIM – MyHijau

25th January 2022
Now Certified: SIRIM – MyHijau

Big Dutchman’s manure management systems proven to reduce carbon footprint

As a brand that has been synonymous with innovation, Big Dutchman is proud to have achieved the SIRIM – MyHijau certification for our manure management systems. 

It is now proven that the combined use of Big Dutchman’s Manure Management system reduces Greenhouse Gases emission by 34.6% to 47.7%*. The products and equipment that are part of this certification, includes:

  • OptiSec & OptiPlate for optimal, efficient drying of manure
  • CompoTower for enclosed, high quality manure fermentation
  • Air Scrubber for CompoTower to control odour and ammonia emissions

The overall certification process was divided into 2 segments. The first being a Life Cycle Assessment conducted by SIRIM Malaysia, which is the Standards & Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia. This was followed by the MyHijau approval, recognising the system’s considerable reduction in carbon footprint, verified by the Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Centre (MGTC).

The adoption of such environmentally friendly and sustainable manure management systems offers many great benefits to our customers. The positive impact on the environment aside, the by-products from this process such as dry manure or compost can be a source of additional income for farmers. Potential tax breaks and green incentives are also great reasons to lower carbon footprint in the coming years.

*Full assessment report available upon request.