Ideal pen for sows and piglets in the initial weeks post-birth

Developed for sows and their piglets right after giving birth, the ActiWel variable-restraint pen provides ideal conditions with a lot of space to move and feed piglets out of their creeps.

The system consists of a farrowing frame, a heated resting area or piglet nest, the flooring, and the pen partition. There are two versions available; either with the sow’s head parallel to the aisle or straight resting against the wall. Both versions require very low partitions ensuring easy access to the pens and a good overview of the room. The farrowing frame can be kept closed during the initial days of life.


  • Handling is super comfortable with staff not required to enter the sow area at all because of the very easy four-step opening and closing functionality of the farrowing frame
  • Piglets are stopped from overlying by the sides of the farrowing frame.
  • Easy access for assisting sows during farrowing with the specially designed door of the frame
  • Highly safe as all opening and fixing points are located away from the sows


  • Recommended pen dimensions - 2.40m x 2.80m.