HydroMix Pro

HydroMix Pro

A flexible modular system for supplying liquid feed

The HydroMixpro is a highly efficient modular feeding system that is exceptionally pliable and supplies liquid feed to sows, piglets, and finishing pigs. It is controlled through a computer and is a game changer if the feed consists of inexpensive ingredients like whey, CCM, or food industry’s residual products.

The HydroMix systems are easily matched to the farm's building conditions and the total number of animal supplies. Flexible and cost-efficient for both small and large production units, this flexible system ensures high regular weight gains at low feed costs through preparation of individual recipes from different ingredients.


  • Reliable and time-saving because of its computer-operated automatic feeding system, leading to efficient farm management
  • The metering precision is high at all the feed valves
  • Better hygienic conditions with less bacterial count and more animal health, and provides a reliable long distance feed transport
  • Better durability, low operating costs and well suited for both individual and group feeding


Several different types of system under the HydroMix can be customised