DryWet Feeder

DryWet Feeder

Seamless feeding mechanism that can be used for finishing and wean-to-finish

Our DryWet feeder comes in two variants: a wean-to-finish feeder and a finish only feeder. Based on their need, pigs can either take dry or wet feed, where the latter comes with an integrated drinker line. You can choose to have a welded or a screwed version of the DryWet feeder.


  • The height of the feed table can be adjusted
  • Easy for the pigs to intake wet feed as all the feeding places come attached with a drinking nipple accessible from both sides
  • Offers increased feed storage space with an additional extension
  • Resistant to corrosion as it is completely made of stainless steel


  • 2 to 6 feeding places on both sides, with a total of 4 to 12 feeding places
  • Height: 780mm; and extension: 930mm
  • Can be used on a maximum weaning weight of 6kg