Farrowing Crate Type-19

Farrowing Crate Type-19

Easy Management for sows and piglet

The farrowing crate with “finger protection”, along with other components of the farrowing pen creates an ideal environment for both sows and piglets. THe idea is emphasised on easy management, sow comfort and safety of piglets. The type of farrowing crate with ‘finger’ allows piglets to access the sow’s teats freely from both sides. The specially designed ‘fingers’ curvature are in accordance to the sow’s body shape, which is detrimental in protecting the piglets from overlying sows.


  • Crate can be adjusted in length & width to suit all sizes of sows and gilts
  • Flexible crate design, width and length can adjustable at front and rear without using any tools
  • Crate with front door design with both rear entry and front exit. Both sides of crates also can easily removed
  • Various front door models can be chosen in order to match different types of troughs or feeders
  • Easy cleaning of plastic pen and plastic flooring allows for highest level of hygiene
  • Plastic flooring to ensures good manure penetration and does not have any sharp corners or edges, it also can be combined with solid plates, cast iron slats and heating plates for piglets
  • Heating options like heat lamps, electrical heat plates or removable piglet covers are also available to provide piglets with a cozy creep zone


Height of the pen partition can be 500 or 600mm