TriSort Pro

TriSort Pro

An accurate sorting scale that works automatically

The TriSort pro sorting scale is a piece of advantageous automatic equipment that helps sort finishing pigs, kept in large groups, based on their weight. Optimally, it can handle around 250-400 pigs per group.

The scale efficiently assists in planning the slaughtering date of pigs by helping determine the exact weight and number of ready-to-slaughter pigs. Only the pigs matching the slaughtering criteria are delivered to the slaughterhouse with systematic monitoring of their weights by the TriSort pro. As a result, the feeding costs are reduced, and the overall yield is augmented.

It also helps in the partial finishing process with consistent weight monitoring. Moreover, pigs having overweight or underweight issues can be marked with different colours, further assisting the identification process.


  • All-time availability of pigs’ health status because of the permanent monitoring of their weights
  • Quick identification of under or overweight pigs with the use of colour marking
  • Helps in individual feeding of pigs by providing precise weight data
  • Ideal selling time as it offers error-free and instant information on the weight and the number of pigs to be slaughtered
  • Promotes weight-adjusted feeding and reduces the time for loading of pigs


  • Partial finishing up to or starting at 60 kg (132 lb)