Pre-calibrated & easy retrofitting silo weighing solution

The QuadScale from Big Dutchman is a silo weighting system that allows you to measure and control the contents of your silos with absolute accuracy. QuadScale can be connected to the BigFarmNet or used as a standalone solution, with each scale being able to weight up to 4 silos. 

It will be supplied with display and is ideally suited for outside installation directly at the silo. The display-integrated scale provides a quick overview of silo fill levels, which makes delivery check easy and convenient. The pre-calibrated cast holders including the weightings bar are connected next to the silo leg and lifted via bolting up – no crane for silo lifting needed. Therefore, it is not necessary to empty the silo before installation.


  • Easy retrofitting without a crane
  • Connects up to 4 silos with one display
  • Pre-calibrated; no manual calibration needed
  • Link with 307/310 controllers and use with BigFarmNet farm management