Vitality Monitoring System

Vitality Monitoring System

Enhances Monitoring & Disposal Efficiency

Engineered to streamline poultry farming, VIM is a breakthrough in the industry, ensuring efficient poultry healthmonitoring and disease prevention.

This intelligent system harnesses advanced technology todeliver critical data and valuable insights about your flock's health in real time, supporting your efforts towards optimizing poultry farm hygiene and welfare.

VIM also assists in efficient mortality management, helpingyou minimize potential egg blockages caused by dead birds and thus, maximize egg production efficiency.


  • Efficient monitoring with quick identification and reporting of issues within the chicken coop.
  • Boosts productivity by reducing manual patrol routes by35% and saving 25% on each house’s inspection time.
  • Enhances biosecurity within tiered housing systems, ensuring the health and vitality of high-rise chickens.
  • Minimizes the risk of egg blockages and boosts egg sales byreducing the probability of dead chickens blocking the path.
  • Augments biosecurity level of the chicken coop, safeguarding against diseases and infections.
  • Seamlessly pairs with BFN Fusion® for an earlywarning system about possible health issues within the flock.


  • Stand-alone Scanner Unit with Controller 507
  • Included base station for charging
  • Individual sensors for each tier
  • Motorized rollers powered by 24volts rechargeablebattery unit
  • 1 x VIM unit on (3-6 Tier Layer System) without Catwalk