NATURA Primus 1800

NATURA Primus 1800

The two-level rearing aviary provides pullets with much freedom of movement from the very first day

NATURA Filia is designed for ideal pullet rearing. The system trains the birds to jump and fly from an early age due to the design. The large distance between the aviary levels makes for a very open design, enabling the farm staff to access both levels easily. Feed and water are within easy reach for the birds.

The unique feature of NATURA Filia is its internal intermediate level, located in the back of both tiers, which provides an additional system area where the birds can jump back and forth from an early age, even if the system is still closed. This trains the birds as early as possible.


  • Easily accessible by farm staff at both levels due to the very open design
  • Ensures the birds have easy access to feed and water
  • Helps train the pullets to jump and fly even from a very early age (while the system is still closed) due to the design of the intermediate levels inside the system
  • Ensures ideal utilisation of the house due to optimum ratio between usable area and feeding space
  • Reduces stress during moving in and out and when catching the birds for vaccination by using sliding partitions


  • Available in two widths (1866 and 2239 mm)
  • Sliding partitions every 1485 mm
  • An optimised section dimension of 1485 mm improves productivity
  • Each level can be equipped with two additional perches
  • The height of the drinker line corresponds to the height of the intermediate level