Manure belt battery for laying hens

The UNIVENT layer cage system is a technically proven system, characterised by a long service life, high functional reliability and outstanding conditions for humans and birds.


  • Offers 3 to 4 times better protection against corrosion
  • Ensures each hen can easily reach two drinking nipples to stay hydrated
  • Moving birds in and out is effortless because each cage front slides open completely
  • Significantly reduces ammonia emissions due to the fresh air duct
  • Hardly any cracked eggs due to short rolling-off distances, and hens are prevented from eating eggs
  • Minimises feed losses due to deep feed trough with inner rim  
  • Very clean transport during manure removal and manure cannot drop into the system due to trough-shaped manure belt 
  • Produces very high egg quality because of the trampoline effect of the bottom wires (flexible suspension) 


  • Zinc-aluminium coating of all wire parts (cage fronts, bottom wires and lateral partitions) - 3 to 4 times better protection compared to galvanised wire
  • Drinking nipple with V-channel 
  • Entire cage front consists of sliding grids that can be opened completely 
  • Flat-shaped egg protector as footrail encourages egg laying at the trough 
  • Air duct for fresh air supply to the birds and for the production of dry manure (optional)