Colony 2+

Colony 2+

Well accepted by the hens, excellent egg quality

The correct laying nest plays an important role when looking for economic success, while reducing the number of misplaced, dirty and cracked eggs is also crucial. Depending on the house layout, nests are available with one or two tiers and as wall or double nests.


  • Maintains excellent egg quality due to short rolling-off distances for the eggs 
  • Ensures smooth transfer of eggs to the egg belt
  • Easy nest inspection and easy cleaning because of the clever nest design with folding roof
  • No hidden corners for mites
  • Eggs left in the nest automatically roll off towards the egg belt when the nest closes


  • Nest depth of 53 cm 
    • 153 hens per tier in wall nests
    • 305 hens per tier in double nests
  • Divided, tilting nest floor
  • The tilting floor closes the nest after the laying period
    • Dirt of the day drops off the nest insert
    • The nest remains clean
    • Low percentage of dirty eggs